How to OVERCOME Anxiety, Stress & Negativity with Indigenous Teachings

FREE workshop to help you feel more confident connecting, healing & growing with Indigenous culture


In this FREE session, you'll learn:

- 1 -

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome of feeling not native enough OR allies fears of appropriation

- 2 -

Real-Life Examples of Traditional Knowledge that help in dealing with anxiety, trauma, and negative energy

- 3 -

The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when learning about Indigenous culture and building connections on your journey

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Tuesday, April 25th at 7pm EST'll receive an exclusive Indigenous knowledge workbook:

Created specifically for this LIVE workshop, this workbook is filled with exercises and prompts to help you apply what you learn in the session.

This workbook is ONLY available for this workshop and will be sent to you once you save your seat.


T H E   D E T A I L S :


This LIVE workshop is FREE 

You'll hear the TOP lessons I've learned as an Indigenous knowledge educator, how you can avoid painful mistakes and have any questions answered in the LIVE Q&A at the end.

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You really don't want to miss out on this workshop if...


You want CLARITY

You know there is A LOT to be gained from learning traditional teachings, but there are so many contradicting opinions and points of view out there. You want clarity around what YOU should be doing, and how you can personally connect this knowledge to your own life.





You want a ROADMAP

You’re trying to learn more about native culture but there are so many things to learn. You don’t know where to begin, and what the process looks like for understanding the foundations, and more experienced level practices that will bring you closer to the culture. You want a proven roadmap from someone who has not only learned ALL the fundamentals of the indigenous culture but how to USE them too!


You KNOW how powerful the native culture can be and you want to tap into these cultural practices specifically because (1) it’s a new year - perfect for new possibilities and fresh starts, (2) practicing indigenous spirituality can DRASTICALLY improve your well-being, and (3) you know embracing your positive energy transforms your spirit, mood, but haven’t been able to integrate the teachings consistently in your daily life.




"Wow! I'm shocked, and wasn't expecting this! I've been focusing and searching for 5 years. This has shown me exactly what my next moves need to be. Thank you!"


"I want to bring this information to my doula practice so that I can support my Indigenous families and carry on traditions through the generations"


"I am so grateful for this workshop! My grandmother went to a residential school and died before I got to meet her. I didn't grow up with my culture and reconnecting is so important to me!"


Applying traditional teachings to your everyday life will transform your personal power in a BIG Way


Whether you’ve been stuck waiting for the “right time”  to reconnect with your Indigenous heritage, or the perfect opportunity to learn fundamental teachings … this can be your gateway for the transformation you’ve been waiting for. 


So much has changed this past year, and the journey to achieving a positive, well balanced lifestyle is right in front of you.


Join me to get all the tools and resources you need to apply fundamental Indigenous teachings to your life today. 



"This is such an amazing teaching tool. We should all support, promote, and utilize this!"


"I am overwhelmed! I have already learned so much and I feel so seen and understood by you and the other participants. I can't believe this is free. Hych'ka, kleco kleco, thank you for sharing your knowledge and resources with us!"


"This a big aha moment for you. It's amazing to do this workshop, gain this wisdom, and finding community. The best way to spend an evening is right here!"


This Workshop is a Must Attend if...

  • You’re disconnected from your Indigenous ancestry, feeling detached, and misrepresented of who you really are.
  • You’re an ally of Indigenous peoples, seeking to correctly understand the native culture, and traditions - in order to share and celebrate teachings in a respectful manner.
  • You want to apply traditional teachings to your life in order to have a greater understanding of who you are, and how to create a balanced, happy life. 

A Personal Invitation From Mallory...

I’ve been learning about and practicing Indigenous traditions from birth.

It wasn’t until I became distanced from the teachings and from my home community that I realized how incredibly valuable they are to happiness, and a balance and well-connected life. 

This brand new masterclass is a culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned in applying the fundamental teachings of our Indigenous heritage to my daily routine.

If you’re committed to making this the year you finally prioritize your personal connection yourself and with Indigenous teachings, I can’t wait to see you embrace the power within yourself by applying these traditional practises.