What if you could connect with Indigenous spirituality, improve your personal wellness, and transform your resiliency using cultural teachings?


Smudge Circle is the only program of its kind that not only teaches you the fundamentals of Indigenous culture - but connects you with ongoing Indigenous spiritual wellness practises and an inclusive growth-oriented community.
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Before I tell you more about this program, let's talk about who it's really for...

Smudge Circle is for inclusive, purpose-driven individuals like you. You value learning, wisdom, and wellness, but you are tired of trying to figure it out on your own and you're ready to commit to taking big steps in personal growth, making meaningful connections to like-minded community members, and confidence to implement these spiritual wellness teachings in an environment where you're sure to THRIVE.


Whether you're...


>>  Living disconnected from your Indigenous ancestry, continually asking yourself if you are native enough, feeling detached and misrepresented of who you really are. 

>> An ally of Indigenous peoples, seeking to learn Indigenous cultural traditions in a respectful manner. You stand for openness, diversity, and inclusion.

>> Seeking fulfillment & purpose through spiritual development, with a greater understanding of who you are, and how to create a balanced, healthy, and happy life. 

You’re in the right place!
Smudge Circle will give you the tools, inspiration, and community support on your journey to wellness, resilience and purpose.

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LIVE Bi-weekly Q&A

Meet with Mallory every other week for in-depth wellness coaching.

LIVE Guided Smudging

Connect with your inner calm and build confidence in guided sessions.


Connect with like-minded people and build lifelong support.

Access Anywhere

Watch hours of video workshops from your phone at anytime.

Questions & Challenges 

Receive ongoing support and get involved in growth challenges.

Self-Paced Learning

Workbooks, exercises and tools using Indigenous wellness.  

Smudge Circle Enrollment


ONE-TIME FEE ( $597 Value )

  • 30+ Video Tutorials Lessons on Indigenous Cultural Teachings using Resiliency Framework
  • LIVE Bi-Weekly Workshop and Smudge Circle with Mallory
  • Immediate and Full Access to the 14-Day Smudge Circle Roadmap
  • An inclusive growth-focused Community for connection and support
  • Complete access to growth tools (wellness worksheets, exercises, & PDF guides)
  • Medicine Wheel Wellness Tool to help you evaluate, find and maintain balance
  • Indigenous Sacred Medicines Knowledge Bundle
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Student Success Stories:

Mallory and the entire team went above and beyond. The modules were well organized and thought provoking. The engagement on the [zoom] calls and the group FB page was wonderful. A beautiful community was built through this class and I am so thankful that I was able to join.

I gained so much knowledge and personal insight from [this program]. Thank you!

- Christie K.

Taking this Smudge Circle course helped me continue to grow and understand more about how we can use all these tools to move forward, to help one another continue and thrive as Indigenous People. I am ever learning about our traditional medicines, and learning from the Elders how to survive through this pandemic.

- Arelene W.

I am super honoured to have learned the stories and journeys of not only my classmates but our amazing teacher Mallory. I absolutely love how she makes you feel so very welcomed no matter your background or reason for taking this course. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for growth within themselves, indigenous knowledge or whatever your reason may be. You will not regret you decision. As a matter of fact you will not want this class to end :) 

- Jaynee D.



Full Immediate-Access to Custom Learning Journeys:

Understanding Worldviews

showing you everything you need to experience a well-rounded experience with traditional Indigenous cultural teachings for realistic application to your modern everyday life.

Smudging process blueprint, and prayer

template filled with troubleshooting tips to help you avoid lingering questions and missteps.

Applying teachings for resilience

showing you the significance of fundamental Indigenous teachings, how they relate to your own personal journey, and use them to take control of your happiness and spiritual well being.

The Medicine Wheel resource guide

and workbook to help you use this powerful tool to transform your perspective and connection to yourself and the life around you.

You've got questions, we have answers:




After having spent many years trying to find the answers inside of personal development books, I realized that all of the answers to living a more meaningful life and finding happiness were rooted in the indigenous traditions that I grew up with.

Hidden in plain sight, my elders were showing me the way through their stories and their actions.

And more than anything else I want to show you the way as well.

So if you’re still reading this, I hope that you accept my invitation to join me over the next 8 weeks to see how your life will be changed and you will come out with a clearer vision of your purpose.